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What We’re All About


On August 1st, 1966 brother’s Anton and Joseph Schwabenbauer, both Master Bakers from Germany, opened the Artistic Bake Shop. They started in a 1000 square foot space in the Mayfield Shopping center in Edmonton’s West end. After a time Joseph left Baking to pursue a career as an Auto body mechanic.

Anton continued in the bakery with his wife Marianne working the front sales counter. Together with their staff they produced many fine European breads and pastries that are still available today.

In 1974, Anton and Marianne purchased the property at 6820 – 104 Street where the bakery sits today. Retiring after 26 years in the Bake Shop, Perry their second eldest son, together with his wife Katherine purchased the Bake shop in 1992.

Perry has worked at the bakery since he was 12 helping, learning and discovering his passion and later receiving his journeyman’s ticket in baking at N.A.I.T. in 1988. He has a deep dedication for the baking trade, and has actively participated on many committees. Serving as an employee member for both the local and provincial apprenticeship and is currently the out going 2012 Presiding Officer for the Provincial Apprenticeship Committee and Chair for the N.A.I.T. advisory committee.

Katherine worked many years across the table with Perry in the production and now concentrates on the day to day running of the shop. She also sits on the Local apprenticeship committee.

Artistic Bake Shop has been involved with the Edmonton Heritage Festival since the beginning, providing authentic traditional European products to different pavilions over the years.

We continue to support the “Keep Edmonton Original” an organization about supporting and sustaining local and independent businesses in our communities.

We continue to produce the same quality products from scratch with as many local ingredients available, and many added new ones. Providing excellent customer service, never wavering from the passion with which Artistic Bake Shop was created.

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